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Our Programs

Our Programs facilitate a seamless exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge between the Mentors/Coaches and the leaders in organizations. Corporate Leaders will have the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and achieve their developmental goals by actively engaging with the experts through experiential sharing. These interventions when applied drive positive societal change.

Corporate Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring programs led by global leaders and domain experts for Senior Executives in organizations addressing Leadership, Business Performance, Innovation, Technology and Sustainability practices. 

Business Enhancement Strategies

Management and Advisory services, Leadership Alignment and Development, Process and Productivity Enhancements, Globalization, Technology & Growth Strategies, and Sustainability practices.


Innovating, risk-taking, teamwork & good communication skills - all have one factor in common, a confident leader. Our world today operates in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and an Ambiguous environment (VUCA)...

Business Performance

In the current unpredictable business environments across the globe, assessing performance should be an ongoing process. Business strategies need to be reviewed constantly...


The pace of innovation is faster than the ability to train people. To keep pace with the increasing consumption and aspirations of a technology-hungry generation, new products, materials & processes are constantly evolving...

Environmental Impacts & Sustainability

Businesses must find models to build sustainable practices. Indiscriminate human consumption due to increase in population is resulting in the depletion of natural resources in the environment...


With a technology revolution underway, India is on the threshold of a boom in entrepreneurship and disruptive Innovation...

Team Development -Group of business executives raising their hands at a presentation

Team Development

Team Development efforts need to be aligned with the vision and goals of businesses. The Management team‘s developmental plans need to incorporate goals that align with its business strategy...

Board Management & Advisory Services

In a dynamic global business scenario, it is important for businesses to stay focused on sustainable growth keeping in mind the needs of evolving markets. Board and Management teams have a crucial role to play in a global world...

Leadership Alignment & Development

Leadership Development efforts need to be aligned with the vision and goals of businesses. The Management team‘s developmental plans need to incorporate goals that align with its business strategy...

Process & Productivity Enhancements

“Research shows that over 70 percent of all organizational improvement opportunities lay hidden in broken processes.” Process improvements and productivity enhancements can relate...

Globalization & Growth Strategies

Strategies for globalization and growth need to be evaluated in depth in order to understand an Organization’s readiness…

Technology Adoption

Business needs to align strategy with technology. New technologies help one achieve strategic goals through improved and targeted performance. Impact of technology on stakeholder’s interest needs to be....

Sustainability & Responsible Business Engagement

Working towards sustainability is not limited by philanthropic ideals in today’s world. Convergence between profitability and sustainability is the need of the hour. Global agreements will encourage governments to favour...

Mentoring & Coaching Process

The Mentoring & Coaching Delivery Process at VCF leverages three methods:

Direct Interaction

The Mentor or Coach engages with the organization and designs a comprehensive program for the participants. Mentor/Coach will be physically present to conduct the Mentoring/Coaching sessions. The format and the areas of intervention are mutually agreed upon between VCF and the Organization.

Virtual Sessions

The Mentor or Coach may engage with the participants in an Organization from across the world, using web-based technologies. A comprehensive program is designed along with the Organization and VCF with clear timelines and outcomes.

Direct and Virtual Sessions

Multiple Mentors and Coaches could be engaged. Some of them may deliver the sessions virtually whereas some others could be present in person to engage with the participants.