Corporate Mentoring & Coaching Programs

Management and Advisory services, Leadership Alignment and Development, Process and Productivity Enhancements, Globalization & Growth Strategies, Technology Adoption, Sustainability and Responsible Business Engagement through Management interventions.

Innovating, risk-taking, teamwork & good communication skills - all have one factor in common, a confident leader. Our world today operates in a volatile, uncertain, complex and an ambiguous environment (VUCA). Coping with this change calls for Thought Leaders who can inspire people through their innovative and revolutionary ideas.

At VCF, we mentor and coach targeted groups of individuals in organizations and provide them access to interact with global leaders to:

  • Develop team building skills
  • Apply design thinking skills to lead and innovate
  • Manage conflicts
  • Improve risk-taking skills
  • Improve critical and analytical skills
  • Understand the importance of integrity
  • Adapt to a volatile and ambiguous environment
  • Address strategic organizational growth


In the current unpredictable business environments across the globe, assessing business performance should be an ongoing process. Business strategies need to be reviewed constantly and critical issues must be addressed.

Business performance management involves setting goals, evaluating the methods to be used to achieve those goals and creating an effective environment for their implementation.

Business Performance goals and employee's goals must be well aligned. This is the critical link between employee performance and organizational success. Business Performance Management (BPM) refers to the business processes, key performance indicators and analytics which help businesses measure and monitor performance, produce metrics and communicate results for improving future performance.

Business metrics are used to reflect on Company's performance. Metrics may vary depending on the type of organization, business strategies and philosophies of the respective organizations. Business Performance Indicators are applied at the organizational level to reflect the efficiency with which an organization is achieving its goals and vision. At the individual level KPI needs to be defined for teams of individuals so that their activities are aligned with corporate goals.

VCF facilitates Mentoring and Coaching by industry leaders to ensure that Business Metrics are achieved by actively engaging the Organizational leadership.


The pace of innovation is faster than the ability to train people.

To keep pace with the increasing consumption and aspirations of a technology-hungry generation, new products, materials & processes are constantly evolving. During the past decade, we have witnessed a rapid acceleration in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Driven by high-speed communication networks, the world exchanges information on a real-time basis. Tools such as data analytics and data mining, which was earlier used in highly specialized or scientific areas, have become an integral part of an organization.

Efficient resource utilization and achieving an optimum productivity is imperative, owing to the rising demand coupled with the scarcity of resources.

Our vision at VCF is to provide a global network of Mentors and Coaches, who are creative and highly specialized in their respective fields of interest. This enables Global leaders to deliver Mentoring and Coaching to groups of professionals and individuals in organizations to cope with the dynamic technological advancements by adopting a creative and sustainable approach to new product/process development, technological innovations, and marketing strategies.

Our endeavor is to bring domain expertise from around the world to Mentor and Coach individuals in Organizations in the areas of emerging technologies and their applications.


Indiscriminate human consumption due to increase in population is resulting in the depletion of natural resources in the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions owing to rapid industrialization is accelerating global warming causing extreme weather conditions.

Increased degradation of our environment has also led to the collective desire to take urgent remedial action. The frequent global summits, the emergence of powerful NGOs and increasing corporate stake in the form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as new technological advances have resulted in an improved regime of environmental engineering.

Environmentally sensitive decisions need to be taken to conserve the scarce resources in the world. Projects need to be executed keeping in mind their environmental and social impacts.

Environment Impact Assessments

(EIA) is required to identify the effects of Agriculture, Construction, Industrial projects as well as waste disposal on:

  • The destruction of habitat – flora and fauna
  • Air, soil and water pollution – level of toxicity/pollution
  • Climate Change & Landscape alteration – Ozone depletion/global warming
  • Health of Human beings – environmental impacts on health

VCF aims to provide Mentoring and Coaching in the field of environmental impacts and sustainability  and the opportunities therein with the help of global experts.



With revolution in technology and an increase in the number of qualified professionals, India is on the threshold of a boom in entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Start-up ideas need to be executed by entrepreneurs keeping in mind the feasibility of an idea which may require in-depth knowledge of the product or service, assessment of markets both local & international, analysis of the financial viability of the project, use of social media marketing, use of new technologies etc.

Mentors and Coaches who can provide guidance through experiential sharing and domain expertise from their own entrepreneurial journeys are the need of the hour.

A qualified Mentor or Coach can help the entrepreneur in goal setting, providing the requisite leadership skills as well as technical inputs, bringing in collaborative experience in specific industries and helping build a sound business strategy.

VCF provides mentoring and coaching for start-ups through customized programs.


Team Development -Group of business executives raising their hands at a presentation

Team Development efforts need to be aligned with the vision and goals of businesses. The Management team‘s developmental plans need to incorporate goals that align with its business strategy. This involves a clear understanding of the business strategy. When people understand how goals tie back to the business strategy, they will be better equipped to tackle their development goals.

Team Development is about aligning the teams’ efforts to the vision of the organization. Training, communicating and inspiring the team to perform better is the best way to align their efforts to the organizational vision. When the entire organization is aligned to its goal, productivity and organic growth of the organization is ensured.

Mentoring & Coaching Process

The Mentoring & Coaching Delivery Process at VCF leverages three methods:

Direct Interaction

The Mentor or Coach engages with the organization and designs a comprehensive program for the participants. Mentor/Coach will be physically present to conduct the Mentoring/Coaching sessions. The format and the areas of intervention are mutually agreed upon between VCF and the Organization.

Virtual Sessions

The Mentor or Coach may engage with the participants in an Organization from across the world, using web-based technologies. A comprehensive program is designed along with the Organization and VCF with clear timelines and outcomes.

Direct and Virtual Sessions

Multiple Mentors and Coaches could be engaged. Some of them may deliver the sessions virtually whereas some others could be present in person to engage with the participants.