Business Enhancement Strategies

Provided by global leaders and domain experts for Senior Executives in specific areas such as Leadership, Business Performance, Innovation, , Technology and Sustainability practices.

In a dynamic global business scenario, it is important for businesses to stay focused on sustainable growth keeping in mind the needs of evolving markets. Board and Management teams have a crucial role to play in a global world. Building a robust strategy, risk management, and alleviation and governance is crucial to managing large organizations.

Our Board Management and Advisory services team comprise of experts in varied fields such as strategy, environment, management, and governance. Their strengths lie in identifying the gaps with respect to leadership assessments, governance, risk assessment, strategy formulation, stakeholder engagements and other areas which help in bringing about operational, cultural and behavioral changes in the organization.

Leadership Development efforts need to be aligned with the vision and goals of businesses. The Management team‘s developmental plans need to incorporate goals that align with its business strategy. This involves a clear understanding of the business strategy. When people understand how goals tie back to the business strategy, they will be better equipped to tackle their development goals.

Leadership Alignment is about aligning the teams’ efforts to the vision of the organization. Training, communicating and inspiring the team to perform better is the best way to align their efforts to the organizational vision. When the entire organization is aligned to its goal, productivity and organic growth of the organization is ensured.

“Research shows that over 70 percent of all organizational improvement opportunities lay hidden in broken processes.”


Process improvements and productivity enhancements can relate to:

  1. Improvement of business processes and increasing the productivity using existing resources.
  2. Enhancing the efficiency of the organization.
  3. Reducing costs.
  4. Improving customer satisfaction and experience and reduction of response time.

The challenge lies in converting the organizations' process improvements and productivity enhancements from the ideating stage to the execution stage. The different steps that go into the process will need careful analysis and remedial actions which need to be taken to maneuver the business in the right direction.

Different tools such as Lean Six Sigma tool when applied can help enhance the efficiency of the following areas:

  • Suppliers
  • Inputs
  • Processes
  • Outputs
  • Customers

The benefits that accrue due to process improvements and productivity enhancements are many. Increase in the loyalty of stakeholders such as customers, business partners, suppliers, employees, growth in revenues, reduction in working capital needs, reduced need to acquire assets and reduction in risks due to bad governance are a few areas which organizations can benefit from.


Globalization & Growth Strategies for globalization and growth  need to be evaluated in depth in order to understand the  impact on business both in the current and future scenarios. Organizations need to familiarize themselves with the laws, regulations of the country in which they seek to operate.

Organizations come up with innovative ideas and strategies for growth. Only 20 % of them achieve success at the execution stage.

Growth can be affected by:

  • Lack of the consideration of potential business opportunities in the core segment where businesses operate.
  • Lack of focus on the relevant customer segments.
  • Lack of supporting organizational infrastructure.

Growth can be pursued in various ways such as:

  • Joint Ventures – New ideas, evolving technologies and approaches and tapping into new and unexplored markets can help businesses to grow through collaborations.
  • Use of old technologies which may still be relevant in some markets.
  • Exploring new market to be the first mover in not so competitive markets.
  • New Product Development is another important method to achieve growth through increased demand.
  • External low-cost financing options can be tapped to drive growth.
  • Acquiring small businesses with niche technologies could enhance market potential.

Expert guidance from mentors and coaches can help decision makers logically perceive the pros and cons of the various growth options at their disposal

With revolution in technology and an increase in the number of qualified professionals, India is on the threshold of a boom in entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Start-up ideas need to be executed by entrepreneurs keeping in mind the feasibility of an idea which may require in-depth knowledge of the product or service, assessment of markets both local & international, analysis of the financial viability of the project, use of social media marketing, use of new technologies etc.

Mentors and Coaches who can provide guidance through experiential sharing and domain expertise from their own entrepreneurial journeys are the need of the hour.

A qualified Mentor or Coach can help the entrepreneur in goal setting, providing the requisite leadership skills as well as technical inputs, bringing in collaborative experience in specific industries and helping build a sound business strategy.

VCF provides mentoring and coaching for start-ups through customized programs.

Working towards sustainability is not limited by philanthropic ideals in today’s world. Convergence between profitability and sustainability is the need of the hour.

Global agreements will encourage governments to favour businesses which promote low carbon footprint. Consequently, businesses need to seize this opportunity to create strategies and build robust employment engagement programs which keep in mind the sustainable development goals.

Big Businesses will take time to evolve, but when they do, the impact will be phenomenal. The scale of change required to develop a climate-economy requires large scale innovations. These innovations will be possible when the stakeholders in the company are taken into confidence. This can only happen with effective communication and responsible business engagement by the leaders of big corporates.

Corporates need to understand the link between business engagement, sustainability, growth, and communication which in turn will lead to Change in behaviours.

Mentoring & Coaching Process

The Mentoring & Coaching Delivery Process at VCF leverages three methods:

Direct Interaction

The Mentor or Coach engages with the organization and designs a comprehensive program for the participants. Mentor/Coach will be physically present to conduct the Mentoring/Coaching sessions. The format and the areas of intervention are mutually agreed upon between VCF and the Organization.

Virtual Sessions

The Mentor or Coach may engage with the participants in an Organization from across the world, using web-based technologies. A comprehensive program is designed along with the Organization and VCF with clear timelines and outcomes.

Direct and Virtual Sessions

Multiple Mentors and Coaches could be engaged. Some of them may deliver the sessions virtually whereas some others could be present in person to engage with the participants.