The pace of innovation is faster than the ability to train people.

To keep pace with the increasing consumption and aspirations of a technology-hungry generation, new products, materials & processes are constantly evolving. During the past decade, we have witnessed a rapid acceleration in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Driven by high-speed communication networks, the world exchanges information on a real-time basis. Tools such as data analytics and data mining, which was earlier used in highly specialized or scientific areas, have become an integral part of an organization.

Efficient resource utilization and achieving an optimum productivity is imperative, owing to the rising demand coupled with the scarcity of resources.

Our vision at VCF is to provide a global network of Mentors and Coaches, who are creative and highly specialized in their respective fields of interest. This enables Global leaders to deliver Mentoring and Coaching to groups of professionals and individuals in organizations to cope with the dynamic technological advancements by adopting a creative and sustainable approach to new product/process development, technological innovations, and marketing strategies.

Our endeavor is to bring domain expertise from around the world to Mentor and Coach individuals in Organizations in the areas of emerging technologies and their applications.

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