Valluri Change Foundation (VCF) has identified Eight key areas for Mentoring and Coaching:

  • Leadership
  • Team Building
  • Business Performance
  • Technology
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Healthcare
  • Career
  • Start-Ups & Innovation.

VCF enables leaders and experts from diverse fields to provide targeted group Mentoring and Coaching initiatives. These interventions, when applied innovatively drive positive societal change through economic and social value creation.

This program will facilitate a seamless exchange of ideas, experiences, and knowledge between the Mentors/Coaches and the participants in organizations. Participants will have the opportunity to enhance their skill sets and achieve their developmental goals by actively engaging with the experts through experiential sharing.

Areas of Interventions


Innovating, risk-taking, teamwork & good communication skills - all have one factor in common, a confident leader. Our world today operates in a volatile, uncertain, complex and an ambiguous environment (VUCA).....

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Team Building

Team building activities within an organization improves the organizational performance. Determining clear goals and collaborating within the team with mutual trust ensures better productivity....

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Business Performance

In the current unpredictable business environments across the globe, assessing business performance should be an ongoing process. Business strategies need to be reviewed constantly and critical issues must be addressed.....

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The pace of innovation is faster than the ability to train people.To keep pace with the increasing consumption and aspirations of a technology-hungry generation, new products, materials & processes are constantly evolving....

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Environmental Impacts

Indiscriminate human consumption due to increase in population is resulting in the depletion of natural resources in the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions owing to rapid industrialization is accelerating global warming causing extreme weather conditions.....

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The economic boom over the past decade has improved the standard of living of people but we are faced with a host of 'lifestyle diseases' such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, cancers and other stress-related ailments....

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In a dynamic and global world, individuals require various skill sets such as critical thinking and analytical skills, the ability to devise creative and innovative solutions for problems as well as the aptitude to build and manage teams effectively....

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Startups & Innovation

With revolution in technology and an increase in the number of qualified professionals, India is on the threshold of a boom in Entrepreneurship and Innovation....

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