Mentoring & Coaching for driving Change

Large-scale transformations in markets and societies necessitate individuals to adapt to the changing environments. Empowered individuals in organizations can become effective agents of change. VCF aims to Mentor groups and coach individuals to drive positive change through "Economic and Social" value creation.

India has the highest number of young individuals in the world, creating an enormous consumption market. While this can generate a strong economic opportunity, it can simultaneously cause environmental and societal imbalances. Therefore, we are faced with the challenge of enabling the workforce to deal with an unpredictable environment in the future. This requires appropriate Mentoring & Coaching interventions.

Experts from varying disciplines, who are recognized globally, are passionate to build a better society and organizations for the future. VCF creates a model which will leverage the experience and knowledge of these global experts to provide the necessary guidance to navigate a volatile and an unpredictable future.

Mentoring & Coaching Process

The Mentoring & Coaching Delivery Process at VCF leverages three methods:

Direct Interaction : The Mentor or Coach engages with the organization and designs a comprehensive program for the participants. Mentor/Coach will be physically present to conduct the Mentoring/Coaching sessions. The format and the areas of intervention are mutually agreed upon between VCF and the Organization.
Virtual Sessions : The Mentor or Coach may engage with the participants in an Organization from across the world, using web-based technologies. A comprehensive program is designed along with the Organization and VCF with clear timelines and outcomes.
Direct and Virtual Sessions : Multiple Mentors/Coaches could be engaged. Some of them may deliver the sessions virtually whereas some others could be present in person to engage with the participants.
  • All group Mentoring sessions are provided to an optimum number of 20 participants or less.
  • All Coaching sessions are individual based.
  • Enhancing our database of experiential world-class Mentors for the defined domains is an ongoing process at VCF.
  • Mentors and Coaches share their diverse global experiences and could interact with participants in the organizations from anywhere in the world.
  • Organizations interested in our Mentoring and Coaching programs can choose the Mentor/Coach by communicating with VCF. VCF and the Organization will select the date and time for the sessions based on mutual convenience of the participants and the Mentors/Coaches.
  • A fee is payable by the Organizations for the Mentoring/Coaching sessions that are offered by VCF. This is based on the design and structure of the program keeping the needs of an Organization and participants in focus.
  • A program manager is exclusively assigned to the Organization to facilitate the administration of the sessions.

Interested to get Mentored/Coached?

VCF provides the platform for organizations to upgrade and enhance the skill sets and behaviors of Managers and Senior leaders in an ever changing and uncertain global business climate.

We facilitate employee interactions with a global pool of highly skilled Mentors and Coaches who are domain experts in their chosen field.

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Interested in becoming a Mentor/Coach?

Valluri Change Foundation is keen to associate with Mentors and Coaches who have the right expertise, experience and passion to give back to the society.

A customized program can be structured for an organization on their Mentoring and Coaching needs. The process may be either virtual or in-person interaction. The sessions will be held at a time and date suitable to the Mentor/Coach as well as the organization. This is a remunerative role.

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