In the current unpredictable business environments across the globe, assessing business performance should be an ongoing process. Business strategies need to be reviewed constantly and critical issues must be addressed.

Business performance management involves setting goals, evaluating the methods to be used to achieve those goals and creating an effective environment for their implementation.

Business Performance goals and employee's goals must be well aligned. This is the critical link between employee performance and organizational success. Business Performance Management (BPM) refers to the business processes, key performance indicators and analytics which help businesses measure and monitor performance, produce metrics and communicate results for improving future performance.

Business metrics are used to reflect on Company's performance. Metrics may vary depending on the type of organization, business strategies and philosophies of the respective organizations. Business Performance Indicators are applied at the organizational level to reflect the efficiency with which an organization is achieving its goals and vision. At the individual level KPI needs to be defined for teams of individuals so that their activities are aligned with corporate goals.

VCF facilitates Mentoring and Coaching by industry leaders to ensure that Business Metrics are achieved by actively engaging the Organizational leadership.

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