Technology is an area which is scaling new frontiers every day. To keep pace with the increasing consumption and aspirations of a technology-hungry generation, new products, materials & processes are constantly being developed. Over the past decade we have also witnessed a rapid acceleration in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence.

Over the years, we have seen organizations who were once leaders in their markets being overtaken by new start-ups. This may happen mainly due to the fact that they were not able to reinvent and adapt themselves to a fast changing environment.

Core competence has taken on a new meaning altogether and involves an inter-dependent and creative approach with regard to new product development, technological innovation and marketing strategy.

Today, the pace of innovation is faster than the ability to train people. Driven by high-speed communication networks, the world exchanges information on a real-time basis and marketing strategies have to be designed to keep pace with them. Tools such as data analytics and data mining, which were earlier used in highly specialized or scientific areas, have become an integral part of an organization. Our vision at VCF is to establish a global network of mentors, who are creative and highly specialized in their respective fields. This enables them to guide young individuals and keep them abreast of the latest technology.

As natural resources are getting scarce, the manufacturing and processing industries have to be extremely efficient in resource utilization and productivity. Our endeavor is to bring domain expertise from around the world to mentor engineers and technocrats on technology convergence.

We provide mentorship to groups of individuals in organizations and educational institutions who want to update their skill sets and seek professional guidance.