The economic boom over the past decade has improved the standard of living of people but we are faced with a host of 'lifestyle diseases' such as diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, cancers and other stress-related ailments. An increase in the types and intensities of communicable diseases caused by mutant and antibiotic-resistant organisms has aggravated the health risks.

Healthcare, however, has advanced in the last few years owing to a perceptional shift in thinking.

Regenerative medicine involves the possibility of growing tissues and organs in a laboratory and using them to provide transplants to patients. Stem Cell research, for example, can help grow bone and cartilage and build organs such as heart, bladder etc. Use of 3-D Printed Biomaterials is another notable advancement in the field of medicine.

With large-scale advances in technology in the healthcare sector, demand for effective healthcare administrators is expected to grow in the next millennium. Mentoring programs can help provide the leadership skills in the administrative positions in healthcare organizations.

With the penetration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), we have a channel through which we can provide effective mentoring in the field of healthcare.